Jake The Power Of Now-Who Am I ?

I have been around a long, long time, and believe it or not, so have you. Being a dog, I cannot speak – at least not in a language you can understand – but I have a lot to say and much wisdom to impart. George, my human and best friend, will be helping me write the translations of my woofs, wags and licks here on the blog and on my Facebook page so I can share my world with you.
I am currently in my present form as Jake the golden retriever, but I’ve been in many other forms since the beginning of time, which modern science claims to be 13.5 billion years ago. A part of me, and also a part of you, have existed since the beginning of time on this earth as energy and spirit.
Taking it one step further, I have – and you have – existed in many physical forms for the last 4.5 billion years – the age of our solar system. And since the solar system is estimated to continue (until the sun’s energy is depleted) for another 4.5 billion years, the part of us that started 13.5 billion years ago will be around for a long, long time to come.
The only thing that will change, as it has since the beginning of time, is our physical form, which will evolve to suit the purpose of our Creator.  Some call the creator by the name of God, while others refer to it as Being, and yet others call it Source Energy. In my humble opinion, these are just many names for the same thing – something that has always existed since the beginning of our time, brought us into existence, and will be in existence long after our physical form’s time is over on earth.
Below is my official bio, and my hope is that after many woofs back and forth you will see a little bit of Jake in your mirror at home, and awaken to the fact that my bio could very easily also be your bio.
I hope you all enjoy the journey with me on the path back to being, and that in the end you will have “A Love Affair With Being” as I have had for the past 13.5 billion years.

My Bio-Jake-The Power Of Now

Timeless Being

Arrived in the Garden of Eden as my first Physical Form on Planet Earth

I did not partake of eating the forbidden fruit. I am the pure conscious Sprit Essence that exists in all Physical Forms
I am not tainted by Humans fall from Grace with Being Source.
I Always Live in the NOW. I only Google’s the PAST when required in the NOW for reference purposes. I am guided by my intuition instincts when entering future NOW’s
I am the main character in a new book my Human is writing ” A Love Affair With Being”

Basic Info

Present Occupation: Seeing Eye Dog leading my Human on the path back to Being

Location: Mother Earth

Affiliation: The School of the Universe

Awards: Infinite Life Time

Gender: Neutral (It)

Personal Information: Seeing Eye Dog Leading Humans Back to Being

Personal Interests: The Survival of Mankind on Mother Earth

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