Hi Everyone – woof, woof!

My name is Jake, and I’d like to welcome you to my inaugural Bowlside chat on my Blog page here at http://jakethepowerofnow.com. I hope you all will visit regularly and start woofing back at me with your comments and ideas, or just to say hello.

First off, allow me to explain my goals with this site – my mission in this life, as Jake the Golden Retriever, is to illustrate how we all can, by living in the now, experience a more joyful and peaceful life without fear. I hope to illustrate how humans can build confidence within themselves and realize that they all have an individual purpose for living. I believe that by living in the now that purpose be fulfilled, and that each and everyone of us is born with the potential for eternal life and bliss.

I also want to show you that the life many humans are currently leading is not an expression of their real selves. I will illustrate this by using real-life examples of the human I am leading on his journey back to being, through the experiences gathered on his 75 years here on Mother Earth.

The mission of my journeys and stories are to help turn on the light for you, to illuminate how humans have strayed from the real purpose they were meant to have when they were originally placed here on Mother Earth.

All of the experiences you will encounter on our journeys are real. Many of them occurred in my human’s lifetime, or in the lifetimes of those he has encountered. Our journey will be filled with travel to many countries and different places, and you will meet people from foreign lands and experience their life situations, along with their fears and their joys.

Follow along as I attempt to answer many of life’s biggest questions, including how we can resolve the world’s current state of crises. By examining his past, my human will illustrate how things happened, why they went wrong for the masses, and why they went right for the few.

During our journey we will also face personal issues like love and relationships, and explore the role that the ego plays in harming our most precious connections to our fellow beings.

My role as Jake is to be the observer, commentator and teacher from a compassionate, loving dog’s point of view throughout.

I hope you enjoy the journey, and that in some small way it assists you on your own path back to being.

Signing off with two woofs and a wag of my tail,

Jake -The Power Of Now

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