Hello world! It’s me, Jake!

Hi everyone, it’s me, Jake. Hope you’re enjoying my travels and conversations and thanks for stopping in. I have friends from all over the planet that I’ll be chatting with bowlside. To stay up to date with my world wide travels with Sam sign up for my woofs in the column on the right. Ok, gotta take a nap. Will report back soon.

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  1. Mr. Cardinal says:

    Hi, Jake, it’s Mr. Cardinal.
    I see you staring at me sometimes and I don’t mind. I hope you can understand what I’m singing. Please invite me to be a guest blogger so I can share with your fans the melodic words of my soul. See you outside Jake.

    • Jake says:

      Hi Mr. Cardinal.
      I’m glad you decided to “chime” in. Thanks for visiting my website; we have alot to share with our human friends. I’d love to have you be a guest blogger. Maybe you can tweet about the importance of living in harmony with the seasons. We have lots to do Mr. Cardinal and I’m sure glad we’re friends together.

      Love, Your Friend Jake

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