Get into The NOW- by going out there to find what is in there

Wisdom via my friend Victoria Howard from an enlightened one James Anthony Froude in the year 1849.
What to do in the NOW is not in a Book or on TV or in your I pad it is out there and up there and has always been there.
[Y]ou must learn what life is now, not from me, but from life itself; but, if you will hear an old man’s opinion, I will give it you. If you think you can temper yourself into manliness by sitting here over your books, supposing you will grow into it as a matter of course by a rule of necessity, in the same way as your body grows old, it is the very silliest fancy that ever tempted a young man into his ruin. You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. Go out into life, you will find your chance there, and only there.

~James Anthony Froude, The Nemesis of Faith, 1849, commonly misattributed to Henry David Thoreausom


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