A love affair with Being is inspired by a humans attachment to the source of all forms existing here on planet earth- the Sun.

The Sun is humans oldest solar system relative. It is the source of all that humans see, hear,feel,smell and touch.It provides the energy source for our existence. Without the Sun A human would only exist as a coded bit of information in the Universe.

We as humans have evolved this last 4.5 billion years as a evolutionary product of the Sun.

The Sun was a product created by Beings accumulated wisdom over a period of  9 billion years before the Sun’s creation.

Humans are not separate from the Sun nor the Universe as we exist in it just as our heart is not separate from our body

I ask you to ponder what more can you love more than the source of your creation and the source that created it.

The Source is what I call Being and is the creator of all.

Being has as been said “Always was always will be and always remains the same”

Being is in our presence 24/7.
Darkness is only a temporary condition caused as earth turns on its axis away from the sun each night. it is a period for rest and rejuvunation before being appears again each morning.IMG_2082

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