In the year 2012 amid the multitude of conflicting issues in the world a great council was called. The discussion was to determine who was in charge of all living things. The debate took place on at the UN building in New York. The council mission was to discuss humans progress the last 200,000 years [...] Read more »

A love affair with Being is inspired by a humans attachment to the source of all forms existing here on planet earth- the Sun. The Sun is humans oldest solar system relative. It is the source of all that humans see, hear,feel,smell and touch.It provides the energy source for our existence. Without the Sun A human would only exist as a coded bit of [...] Read more »

NOW-As Above So Below

Problems in the World The problem is not our leaders,our neghibors near and far,our poluted eviroment and our struggle with sickness and disease the problem is much closer to home. It is us each of us. Untill we as individuals rise within our self to a higher level we will receive and get what we [...] Read more »

Suffering in the NOW

All Human suffering is caused by Humans not flowing with the Natural Flow of the Universe. In the human NOW   humans tend to buffer them self from the flow of Nature many times with Forms of protection both Human and Physical. Humans then wonder why when Nature flows its natural course that  is Nature is so cruel It is not [...] Read more »

Change in the NOW -How ?

Wisdom from jake to Pup Duchess Every moment is a moment of change.Do not get stuck in in the NOW. Use NOW to take action that will improve future NOW”S for the betterment of your human and all on the planet in a positive manner in line with  the Naturaal evoloution of the universe. Do [...] Read more »